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AOG Singapore - Consumer Press information on Hoya Lenses

November 27th, 2012

AOG Singapore has developed with Hoya and a selection of 15 AOG member shops a detailed product information advertorial to respond to specific visual needs of patients in Singapore.

See the link on this web-magazine 'My Paper' and the double ad on pages 28 and 29:

The ad recommends to visit the stores in Singapore who will offer free consultation and all needed info on the lenses to fit at best the needs and visual expectations of the patients.

Eye fatigue, dry eyes, excessive blinking and tearing, blurry or double vision, headaches…

The correct lens type could help relieve these symptoms. Also, different professional or everyday activities, may need different or appropriate optical lenses to provide excellent visual solutions.

The article is well done and informative. Have a look and do not hesitate to contact your local AOG member shop who will always seek and advice the best optical solution for your eyes.

New AOG Singapore country managers and contact details:
Please contact Steve Lim (HP: 92372800 or or Charlie Tan (HP: 97317987 or