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AOG Nordics : A new start !

Alliance Optics Group network strengthens in Europe

As of the 1st of September 2010, the Alliance Optics Group Europe company has restructured its organization, to contain a new Nordic entity, named ‘Alliance Optics Group Nordics Aps.’.

This Alliance Optics Group Nordics will consist of one of the founders, Lars Kristiansen together with the two new co-owners Jarl Riise and Klaus Kjær.

The goal and priority of this new entity is to strengthen and expand the network of members in the region Nordics (mainly Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Norway).

The daily operations and development will be coordinated by Jarl and Klaus.

Lars will be part of the board together with Jarl, Klaus and one representative from the global AOG Ltd. company.

To ensure the correct setup and a good start, Jarl and Klaus will visit all the optical retail stores, members of AOG in the Nordics one by one, to spot exactly the needs and opportunities… Optical stores will be contacted soon, to arrange a visit. Work is underway to support further extensively the individual stores with their personal and different needs.

Jarl is 49 years old and comes from a position as managing director at Nyt Syn.
Mobil +45 2136 1904

Klaus is 45 years old and after selling his three optical shops, his function has been Business Development and coaching in an optical chain.
Mobil +45 2211 7789

Alliance Optics Group Nordics’ new address is:
Harevænget 21, Strandhuse, 6000 Kolding – Denmark

We look forward to create a fun and exciting future together with you.

Best regards,

The board of directors of Alliance Optics Group Nordics ApS.