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A new quality frame manufacturer, a unique and innovative eyewear solution and a new brand

AOG 於2011 年夏季開始為各地聯盟店開始提供以NXT 為 生產材料的Syne 眼鏡,靠著NXT 物料的特性,創造出全 新及獨特的光學眼鏡。

  • 重量由2g起
  • 超彈性材料附備防刮花功能
  • 防敏感及手術專用金屬物料
  • 為配帶者提供最舒適及耐用的新定義

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These frames are made with NXT ® material and feature a proprietary formulation of Trivex material that allows for flexibility while ensuring ultimate protection.

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NXT is a registered trademark of Intercast Europe SRL.
Syne is a registered trademark of Alliance Optics Group Ltd.

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